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About Us

About Screen Mom

Screen Mom is Born!

Screen Mom was born on a rainy cold day in Ohio when Amanda (aka Screen Mom), mom of 5 kids, was overwhelmed by the task of cleaning all of the sticky smudges on the family's TVs and tablets. The frustration for Amanda was that she could not find a product that was safe without a nasty chemical odor that could clean the screens without streaking. After a couple of years of frustrating cleaning, she set out with her husband (an Engineer) and the help of others to find a solution to this problem. Screen Mom was born!

The New Household Favorite

Screen Mom quickly became a household favorite of families but also has dramatically changed the way schools, libraries, offices, hospitals, and many other large organizations clean the screens of all of their electronic device screens. Screen Mom customers provide a lot of feedback that the product cleans their screen quickly without leaving streaks and that the screen remains cleaner longer. There are also a lot of customers using Screen Mom to clean windows and mirrors with what they call "magical" results.

Turning the Chemical Industry Upside Down…

Screen Mom faced many doubters in the beginning as they were told that a new screen cleaner would have a difficult time going against older products from giant corporations with huge marketing budgets. This only motivated Screen Mom even more and today it is one of the fastest growing screen cleaners in the world helping serve customers in many different applications.

Keeping the Personal Touch…

After seeing many companies in the world outsource their customer service to low cost countries, Screen Mom decided to not follow this trend. Instead, Screen Mom's Co-Founder, Amanda still to this day will personally reach out to customers for feedback and will take customers feedback to improve the product.


Copyright 2018 Screen Mom Screen Cleaner effectively cleans all flat screens and is best known as a led tv cleaner, tv screen cleaner, and computer screen cleaner.
It also cleans HDTVs, 4K, LCD, LED, Plasma, and OLEDs very well. We include a Microfiber Cloth in each purchase!