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Screen Mom 4-Pack Premium Microfiber Cloths

List Price: $ 12.95
Price: $ 9.95
You Save: $ 3.00 ( 23.17 %)
  • Includes 4 High Performance Microfiber Cloths
  • Gently Cleans – TV, Laptop, PC monitor, Apple Mac Products, Kindle, Tablet, Smartphone, iPhone, Car Navigation display, and Touch Screens (use with Screen Mom screen cleaner potion)
  • Individually packed cloths so you can keep them organized
  • Each cloth is 15.75"x 15.75"
  • Of course they are purple! (our favorite color)
Availability : In Stock

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  • Nice

    Yagnesh Patel
    27 - Oct - 2016

Copyright 2018 Screen Mom Screen Cleaner effectively cleans all flat screens and is best known as a led tv cleaner, tv screen cleaner, and computer screen cleaner.
It also cleans HDTVs, 4K, LCD, LED, Plasma, and OLEDs very well. We include a Microfiber Cloth in each purchase!