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Screen Mom 16oz Screen Cleaner Kit

Price: $ 19.95
  • Cleans all screens to give that “just out of the box” new look again
  • Gently Cleans – TV, Laptop, PC monitor, Apple Mac Products, Kindle, Tablet, Smartphone, iPhone, Car Navigation display, and Touch Screens
  • Incredible Value - Clean your TV or laptop 90 times for less than $1
  • Safe for Delicate Screens - Alcohol, Ammonia, and Phosphate Free, Odorless Product
  • Quickly removes fingerprints, smudges, dust, oils, streaks, and other debris from your screen
  • Includes 16oz Screen Mom Screen Cleaner and Extra-large, Scratch-free Microfiber Cloth
Availability : In Stock

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Product Description

Gives your screen that new "out of box" appearance (Remember when you took your TV out of the box for the first time?)

Quickly removes fingerprints, smudges, dust, streaks, and all other debris from your screens (Take a close look at your screen, how dirty is it?)

Safe to use around family and pets. No alcohol, ammonia, or nasty phosphates like other household cleaning products use. 

No Odor! (I don’t know about you but I cannot stand to smell nasty chemicals and think about what type of harm they could be doing to my kids)

Streak Free finish guaranteed! (Unlike most other cleaners)

Product Tested on all major brands


16oz Screen Mom screen cleaning potion(ridiculously large bottle that contains over 1,572 sprays (yes, we tested this and actually got more sprays out of the bottle but we did not think people would believe us if used the actual number so we lowered it to 1,572 sprays!)

Large Purple 15.75"x 15.75" Microfiber Cloth.We designed this to clean screens but lots of customers use it to clean glass, mirrors, and many other things around the house or office. (Due to customers wanting to buy extra or replacement cloths, we now sell these cloths separately as well



Why Do Customers Love Their Screen Mom?
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  • Over 2,000 5-Star Reviews on Amazon!

    I actually was going to purchase this on Amazon due to the great reviews it has but received discounts (2 pack) here and got free shipping. This product cleaned so much better than the other screen cl... Read More
    Mary Williams
    27 - Feb - 2017

Copyright 2018 Screen Mom Screen Cleaner effectively cleans all flat screens and is best known as a led tv cleaner, tv screen cleaner, and computer screen cleaner.
It also cleans HDTVs, 4K, LCD, LED, Plasma, and OLEDs very well. We include a Microfiber Cloth in each purchase!